ISO Certifications

For goodness’ sake, cover yourself. We can help.

When it comes to data protection, one step is never enough. The world is big and bright and has more than its share of intelligent people who try to steal information. Everyone knows they’re wasting their intelligence; what they may not know is that they’re wasting their time trying to pull that nonsense on us.

Bryder has high standards for itself, but what does that mean, anyway? To begin with, it means we’re serious about meeting international standards: a level of quality and expertise the whole world understands.

Bryder holds the ISO 9001 certification, which indicates the company is committed to high-quality products and services that actually do what they’re supposed to do. It shows we’re providing the market with something consumers need and want while operating our business with integrity and a focus on both our customers and our employees.

Meanwhile, ISO/IEC 27001 guides Bryder’s information security management system (ISMS). It’s a commitment not only to protect confidentiality and how company information is made available, but also to set a standard for legal protection, human resources, process management, and more.

High-quality products and top-level security are built into the way we do business. You’ll see it in every stage of our collaboration with you.

When better is possible, we find it.

With Bryder, you can, too.